Stimulating Deliberation


Crewel Embroidery of Kashmir


Craft in Architecture

Arts, Painting

Sacred Paintings/Thangkas and Paubhas of Nepal

Constructed garments, Apparel

Dance Costumes of Manipur

Textiles, Weaving, Spinning, Khadi

Allo Textiles - Himalayan Giant Nettle


Aranmula Kannadi Metal Mirror of Kerala

Murals, Floor, Wall Arts

Mud Murals and Paintings/Abharai of Kutch, Gujarat


Forged Hollow Metal Utensils

Jewellery, Beads, Jewelled Objects

Jewellery and Jewelled Objects of Tamil Nadu


Dhokra/Lost Wax Metal Casting of West Bengal

Theatre, Performance Crafts

Phulam Japi/Hats of Assam


Metal Crafts of Pakistan

Textiles, Weaving, Spinning, Khadi

Baluchari of West Bengal

Wax, Batik

Cire- Perdue / Lost Wax Metal Casting - Houshold Items and Utensils

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo of Laos

Cane, Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo of Arunachal Pradesh

Wool, Felt

Galeecha / Wool Carpets of Punjab